Interview With Pastor Nick Kulhawy of The Alliance Church

So this is an interview I did with Pastor Nick yesterday at his house. I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I apologize if I sound like I’m rushing through the questions too quickly. In any case, one thing you’ll notice is that there isn’t a whole lot of back-and-forth, nor do I ask him to expand much on anything he said. This is deliberate, as the nature of this interview is to treat it more of a questionnaire; as if I sent him a list with all the questions and he wrote back his responses. As it were, I really appreciate Nick for putting himself out there and taking part in this. Kudos!


Question #1. How old are you?

I am 29

Question #2. How long have you been preaching or have been here in Fort McMurray

Well Fort Mcmurray I’ve been here for…I would say not even 14 months. Just over a year. I’ve been preaching for probably I would say a good part of 8 years.

Question #3. Did you attend a bible college or a seminary?

I attended bible college. I have a degree in cultural studies, cultural development and anthropology and I started seminary…I started the seminary process and would love to venture back into that.

Question #4. When did you know you wanted to be a pastor?

I don’t even know…I think it’s like I was telling you before it’s not even really a job it’s more of a lifestyle, it’s more of a…something I kinda fell into, and kinda a responsibility where people assume.. that side of you- assume that position and you kind of, you kind of end up sending your resumes to places- well the churches- and to places that kind of enable you to fill that role that people are already putting you in. So I don’t know if I ever would said “I want to be a pastor. That’s just kinda what I am in a sense. Even when I don’t have a position I think I will still kinda be in that role as a shepherd.

Question #5. What bibles passages have influenced your preaching, or influenced your ministry?

Question #6. What are three of your favourite bible verses? Are they the same ones as your preaching ones, or do you have any others that you love?

Question #7. What well known preachers do you hold in high regard?

Question #8. What is your approach to reading the bible? Do you follow a schedule or do you read the bible through in a year?

Question #9. How do you decide what to preach?


Question #10. Do you preach expositionally or topically and why?

Question #11. How so you decide which bible verses to use?

Question #12. How far in advance do you plan your sermons?

Question #13. Do you use commentaries when you preach and if so which ones?

Question #14. What bible version do you preach from and study from?

Question #15. What kinds of sermons are hardest for you to preach?

Question #16. What kind of topics do you find it hardest to preach? Money, sex, end of the world?

Question #17. How have you grown as a preacher in the last 5-10 years?


Question #18. When you preach sermons, do you gear them towards the older, more seasoned believers or the brand-new Christians?

Question #19. What do you think man’s biggest problem is? What’s our deal?

Question #20. What is the gospel in a sentence or two?

Question #21. What are three books that have changed your life, other than the bible?

Question #22. Where do you hope the Alliance Church is in 20 years?

Question #23. Do you feel called to this church for life? How long do you think you’ll be in Fort McMurray?

Question #24. If you could impart one thing to your flock- one thing that they would just really get, what would it be?

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