Just had a meeting with Pastor Ed Drewlo

I just got back from a meeting with Pastor Ed Drewlo, who is the transitional pastor for the Alliance church, and I have to say that I had a fantastic time. Few things in life make me as happy and excite me as much as talking theology, and the gospel, and talking about spiritual things with a brother or sister in Christ. This is the first time we met, and we devoted time to sharing my background story, my interest in the faith, salvation, sermons, vision, discernment, church discipline, Tim Keller, small group bible studies, divorce, Jeremiah 29:13, homiletics, and most importantly, the impact of the gospel message for Fort McMurray. Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful way to spend an hour? As well, I found him very open and engaging. We talked about the church some, and he asked my opinion on a few issues, which I was glad to do.  I’m hoping to line up an interview with him sometime in the next few weeks, and so hopefully that will occur. All in all, I hope it was productive, and that much good will come out of it- to the glory of God.

One thought on “Just had a meeting with Pastor Ed Drewlo

  1. Hey, I just noticed your description of our time together and want to say that the feeling was very much the same for me. I applaud your desire to know and communicate God’s truth definitively in this post-modern age — especially for someone like yourself who is so much a part of it. You had a great part in inspiring the message that I presented today at the Alliance Church in Ft. McMurray and you can read about that on my web-site.

    I look forward to more conversations with you about these matters and to what God is going to do in and through your life as you hone your academic and communication skills. God desperately needs people like you to think and write or talk more than ever. This is an age of slippery definitions that challenge New Testament orthodoxy deeply. But by God’s grace, you and those like you will prevail in your generation.

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