Bible Study is a Coming

Starting the first week of April, I’ll be doing a weekly bible study on this site. Not sure if I’ll be posting  audio or writing it out, but it’ll be about 10m minutes to listen to or about 10 minutes to read, and we’ll be going through the gospel of St. Luke, starting at Chapter 3. This will be an extremely indepth, exegetical, thought-provoking  practical study. There are many people who have a cavernous thirst for the word, and I hope they will be able to drink deep from this. This is not novice stuff. This is not milk, but I intend it to be meat.  It is my hope that this study of this one book with conclude in December, where we will finish up with the first two chapters around Christmas. In any case, I hope to see people here, so that we all might be strengthened by the Lord and come to a greater understanding of how wonderful the scriptures are, and how good our great God and Savior is.

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