What is a “Spiritual Person”?

Have you ever talked to someone about their religious beliefs, and you get the line “I’m a very spiritual person” either before or after they go off one some cosmic idea and postulation? They might say “I’m a very spiritual person. I pray to God that her light would shine on all of her creations” or “I’m very spiritual, I believe that what goes around comes around, and that we all have a bit of God inside of us.” This is annoying in secular circles, but maddening when it comes to Christians dropping those lines. More often than not, it appears in the form of “I think that more than one system of beliefs can be right, and that God is not one specific way – that He/She  is different to every believer, but that’s ok.  God SHOULD be your own perfect ideal, because He’s God.  He shouldn’t have to fit a mold.”

Here’s the thing though. There’s no such thing as a spiritual person. If they say they’re spiritual, that’s code for “I’ll believe what ever I want to believe, what ever seems right to me, and you can’t tell me I’m wrong because it’s my personal beliefs.” Spiritualism is vague mysticism involving looking inward and finding the tranquility of the soul, translated as suppressing  the truth in unrighteousness. Spiritual is a hodgepodge of selfish feeling-based guesses. Spiritual is paganism mixed with idolatry, ignorance and rebellion, and you can be sure that anyone who tells you they are spiritual won’t have anything close to orthodox Christian beliefs. Its not uncommon to hear “I’m a Christian….I’m spiritual….But I don’t believe that God would really….” . When I hear that, I usually think “You’re not spiritual. You just like to make stuff up about God and then believe it. ”

But that’s just me. Your thoughts? How do you relate the to the spiritual people in your life?

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