ask me anything- question and answers for the creator of this blog

I thought it would be only fair to open this up for a Q&A about me, where people could ask me anything about what I believe, teach, and confess about theology, morality, how I run this site, or just every day things. I am seeing a bit of growth on the site- or at least I do when I update it regularly, and I don’t want to be known as one of those places that hides behind a  wall and anonymously throws rocks at passerby’s. I don’t think I am, but with no pictures or information about me, I could see how that could be the perception. Transparency is a good thing. Seeing as how this small site only gets between 50-125 hits a day, almost all from the For McMurray area, I in no way expect an inquisitive outpouring. It would be nice though to get a handful of questions that I could respond to. If you are interested, leave your questions in the comment section, and Ill get to them in good time.

6 thoughts on “ask me anything- question and answers for the creator of this blog

  1. You seem to have a lot of problems with different Churches that you review. Why do you always nitpick? Do you review your own Church? What do they think about your criticisms?

  2. I love your review’s!!!! I think you should (amp) it up when it comes to the false doctrine that is being spilled out in Fort Mac institutional church program system….. My only beef is you are a little to “REFORMED” in your Theological approach to the scriptures for my taste…But other than that I love your site and your humor…. You need to start a small group bro, in Fort Mac and keep it (MID-RASH) style.. Anyway keep up the good work hommie…

  3. Hey Dustin —

    I have a couple questions for you, if you’ll oblige me:

    1. What are your current views on the issue of the Christ’s relationship to the Eucharist? As I understand it, consubstantialism and even the Real Presence are not inherently opposed to Reformed Thought (I’m thinking Lutherans and Traditional Anglicans); moreover, you of all people would be aware of the East’s assertion of the Real Presence (as well as the sacrificial quality) of the Eucharist. So, what do you believe regarding this issue? (I ask because I think this is a central issue in the entire scheme of ecclesiology)

    2. A bit more personal, if I may: how do you practice your faith as a family? Besides going to church together and discussing theological matters, do you have regular prayer with Missi (and perhaps other family members as well)? Do you have other practices that strengthen the faith of your home? If so, what are they?

    I do not always enjoy your blog, Dustin, but I *always* appreciate its erudition, comprehension, and sincere desire to edify the church. I must say I’ve been remiss since you left the Z — I miss the honest conversations that could be had with a intelligent Christian such as yourself.

  4. Why are yuo so homophobic? bpeople can go to church and love Jesus and read the bible and still be gay. God looks at the heart. The bible also says dont eat shellfish in the same sentance as what youre saying, so does that stil apply today? You’re not going to hell for being gay or eating shrimp so don’t be the judge of everybody. Fuck off and geta life

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