You’re More Evil Than You Think.

Having this blog has been a great blessing to me. It is my own little imperfect ministry, and it has born imperfect fruit. One of the expected results of having it, however, is that I have discovered that when you slaughter sacred cows, people tend to respond vehemently. Has some of it hurt? Yeah, it has. It is an occupational hazard not just of the ministry, but of life. Even a cursory examination of your existence will show that you will at some point or another become the target of people’s destructive criticism, misrepresentation, gossip, slander, foolish inferences and ignorant speculations.

So how does one deal with that? How do you keep that from being a root of bitterness that grows and overwhelms you,-that keeps you from becoming resentful and angry in turn towards them?

The answer is to remember this: you are far worse than your enemies make you out to be.  You are more evil than they think you are. If we’re being honest here, they don’t even know the half of it!

They may not be correct or truthful in what they are saying about you at a given moment, but you [and your spouse] could tell them things about yourself that would make their mouths hang open in shock and disbelief. That would make their skin crawl. You could tell them things about yourself that would make their cheap shots and petty criticisms pale in comparison.  After all, what is wrong with you is so wrong, so extensively pervasive, that it took the one perfect person who ever lived to die for you and suffer God’s wrath for you.

Some may not find that encouraging, but I believe it is. Because here’s the thing, what  would be very discouraging is if you stopped with bringing to mind what a mess you are. So don’t stop short. Go farther. Go all the way to the cross and realize that even though you are far worse than your enemies think you are, Jesus went to the cross willingly. He wasn’t squirming at the thought and trying to shirk his role. He wasn’t resentful or dismayed at the thought. He was not reluctant to die for you, not when he says “No one takes my life away from me, but I lay it down of my own accord” Even though you are a million times worse than any of your enemies know, Jesus does know, and the cross proves  thathe loves you anyway.

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