3 thoughts on “Matt Chandler- Horrified

  1. Honestly, I found it hard to listen to with the apocalyptic soundtrack.

    Still, today in my classes we read “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” which this reminds me of a bit. I found myself on at least one hand defending Edwards for his emphasis on the reality of hell and on God’s wrath, oddly enough, even though I find his particular theology monstrous.

  2. Yeah, Ryan, the music is a little distracting as well, but I didn’t have the energy to grab the sermon and splice it myself. Sinners in the hands in the angry God is quite the sermon. Chris Rosebrough did a thing where he preached the entire sermon word for word, and then did a critique of it. Good stuff, though I would have loved to hear Edwards thunder it forth.

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