2 thoughts on “Wrong Worship Video

  1. EXTREMELY DISTURBING.. Institutional Church at its best. Parody or not lets drop the entertainment for the sake of the young believers that have no other choice except going to these apostate church’s looking for spiritual bread….


  2. They may simply be trying to express what they may have been convicted of at one time. Sad to say that there are many Christians who sit in church today that actually are that way. Never the less it is not my place to judge them, because I remember going to church waiting for the Lord to restore me to the place where I was once before. I remember asking the Lord if I could just be a door keeper in His house rather than in the counsel of the wicked. I know you might have an option about whether the Lord kept me out or not. At the time He revealed to me that I would stray I was preaching and confident in my relationship with Him. I would have to share my testimony with you for you to understand. If we look at things only in the physical just because we live in the physical and it feels tangible, we will never understand the things which the Lord is trying to reveal to us in the spiritual. This was not worship. This was ministering to those who actually are that way and perhaps even to themselves as a reminder of what not to be.

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