Being prophecied over- an early death and a heart for missions.

When I was in my teens I went to a youth conference of sorts. It was a church-led evangelical shindigs- but at the end there was something special. The pastor introduced us to the weekends guest speaker, a woman who we were told was a modern day prophet, gifted in miracles and visions, and that she was going to prophesy over us individually. I found myself enraptured by this idea. At the time I was having a hard time in my faith. I was confused, struggling with private sins, biblically ignorant, and the prospect of having someone who heard directly from God- from someone who was far more spiritual than I, was a prospect too tantalizing to forgo.

There was such a need there- such a strong desire to see what God had to say. I spent my formative Christian years in the quasi-charismatic/pentecostal movement and so it was not unfamiliar to see other people prophesied over, or to go to an event like YC and be told that we were all history makers, and that we were going to change the world and take the nations for Christ [there was a bit of a dominionist streak there]. I had seen adults come up and be prophesied over, but never from a woman, and never for me personally.

But this was my chance. They asked everyone who wanted to hear a word from the Lord to come forward. I jumped out of my seat and charged forward. The air was electric, the music thudding, and my blood was on fire. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. About 15 of us stood at the altar and as I was on the opposite end I had to wait my turn. She would put one hand on the persons shoulder, lift the other hand up, speak in tongues for a minute or so, and then speak quietly to the person whose hands she was upon.  Some people would start sobbing. Others would get slain in the spirit the minute she touched them. I stayed upright, waiting…waiting….

Finally she came to me and smiled. This was it! This would give me direction and purpose in my life! I was about to hear directly from God in as audible a way as humanly possible, and I was scared out of my mind. What would God say? I had no doubt that it would be from God. After all, earlier in the night, she had stood up after the worship and said “Thus says the Lord, I am coming like a river. I will wash over your land and make everything new. I will bring healing, thus says the Lord, and I will bring blessing and riches to my people”  I was primed, pumped, and ready to go.

She spoke a few words in tongues, looked into my eyes, and then told me

“I see that you have a heart for missions, and that you are called to go. Do not be afraid, even if God calls you where you don’t want to go. He will be with you. The Lord is also telling me that you have fewer decades than most, that is your time is short, and so you can’t delay. You must reach them soon before it is too late.” [or something extremely close to that, but not exactly verbatim]

And then she moved on to the next person.

Predictably I was floored, at first that God was speaking to me through her, but also that she had just prophecies my imminent [or at least early] death. Decades fewer than most? Most people lived to be in their seventies, so did that mean that I was going to die in my Fifties? My Forties? And what was this about a heart for missions? Other than having gone on a “Missions Trip” to Mexico when I was younger , I really had no interest in them at all. What a confusing, perplexing experience. It left me all the more troubled, even morose than before, and instead of being a sure word I could hold onto, made me bitter and angry that God wanted to take my life. In fact, it made me feel like God didn’t know me at all.

Looking back, almost a decade later, Its not difficult to see the massive problems and blasphemies that were taking place that night. I hadn’t thought about that night for a long time, and in fact hadn’t shared that with anyone until I told my wife a few days ago, when the issue of prophecies and visions came up. Do I believe her prophecies were legitimate and that she was hearing from God? Not at all. Do I think I will have “fewer decades than most”? No. Like most people I don’t think of death often and have an overly optimistic mentality about my own mortality. Odds are I’ll live to a ripe old age, but If I die early, if the Lord takes me, it will not mean that this womans prophecy came true. Likewise I don’t have any particular interest in missions, much less being a missionary, but if that too should change it will not mean that this woman’s prophecies were reflective or biblicly sound.


Agree? Disagree? What do you all think? Have you even been prophecied over? What was it like? Was it accurate? If you had the chance, would you like to be prophecied over?

8 thoughts on “Being prophecied over- an early death and a heart for missions.

  1. In a way, you are in the “new” mission field (the internetz!).

    I’ve never been prophesized over, but I’d be EXTREMELY skeptical. Too much like fortune telling, especially if it’s a talked up thing/event. If it was a random thing, where someone came to me privately, I’d spend time in prayer over it.

  2. I think God can give people “words” or “prophesies” but I don’t think it’s in this fortune telling style. God is not a silent God, but neither is he a three ring circus.

  3. You are totally right in discerning that what you experienced is blasphemous and unBiblical. A friend of mine had a similar experience when he was a teen and it scarred him, but he is okay with it now.
    Where is the Biblical precedent for a person to go from one person to the next and having God “speak” through them to the person that they are standing in front of? You think it would be somewhere in the Bible. Of course, it is not.

    Early death? BOGUS
    Heart for missions? Every believer should have a heart for missions

    God has said all that He is going to say to you and it can be found in the Scriptures. What more does He need to say?

    Test the spirits …

  4. I do not believe that “God has said all that He is going to say”. That makes Him sound uninterested and unconcerned with us, and that simply just isn’t true.

  5. Liz, I agree with your statement, I definitely could have worded that better. I certainly didn’t mean to make it sound as if God is uninterested nor unconcerned.

    What if I were to word it like this, “God is still speaking today through people and to people; however, when He is speaking, it will never contradict what He has already said in His Word. In the situation described in the blog post, there are violations to some basic principles to what God has revealed in the Scriptures.”

  6. These charlatans play on the fears of vulnerable people, and in your case, young people – just like the fortune-tellers, shamans, witch doctors, voodoo practitioners, psychic readers, etc. In Old Testament days they’d be stoned. Why our so-called church leaders encourage us to give to these quacks is a disgrace. I pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit, you will overcome the hurt that you have carried all these years, that you will be able to walk in freedom, and that your marriage will be blessed. In Jesus name.

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