6 thoughts on “Joel Osteen Quote

  1. I wonder what the context is here. I’m not too sure it was about orphans in Africa. Probably more about how to make yourself victorious.

  2. Where did this Picture with the quote come from? Who put Joel Osteen’s words and the photo together? Where did this originate, and was there further comment on it where it was originally posted?

    I can’t say that I agree with Joel Osteen’s doctrine – what little I know of it – but I have as hard a time with the a using a method like the combining of a picture like that with that quote. The method, as I see it, is to show a discontinuity between the words and the picture, thereby, making Joel Osteen and his teaching appear foolish and disconnected from reality.

    What if we put the words of Jesus below that quote, “I have come to give you life and life more abundant”, or any number of other quotes from Jesus that speak only of the blessings of the Christian life and by themselves would appear in juxtaposition to the picture. Could not this method be used with equal effect to make Jesus look like a fool and disconnected from reality.

    I don’t know much about Joel Osteen and haven’t read any of his books, but I see the this method of ‘exposing’ him (if that is what it is) as unfair. There are too many things that are left out.

    I find it interesting that just now I googled “Joel Osteen Ministries”. Here is the link that came up:


    On the right on the opening page is link to World Vision with a picture of a disadvantaged child, with the caption, “This child needs you”

    My point is, that one cannot judge a person, be it Jesus, or Joel Osteen, or anyone else but pulling one statement out of the context of their entire life and teaching and presenting that one statement as the whole.

    When I see the picture like that and the quote from Joel Osteen put together it is the integrity or wisdom of the one who did this that I question.

  3. the picture is clearly out of context- which is sort of the point. if people are speaking on behalf of god and saying what god wants you to have, those words had better be true for both the rich and the poor, the successful and the unsuccessful, the socialite and the socially marginalized. joel osteen has made a ministry of the power of positive thinking- doctrinal cotton candy which lacks any sort of meaningful, robust theology of suffering. i consider joel osteen to be god’s judgment upon his congregation, and so while the juxtaposition may not be contextually accurate in their separate entities, it does a good job of summarizing the whole.

  4. The Holy Spirit which glorifies Christ has
    shown me many things that I can hardly express in words.
    Christian Sermons has come out many times which has affirmed the Holy Spirit has touched many other.
    Christian Sermons are really a means to express at least to an extent the
    ability of Jesus Christ.
    Christian Sermons can convict you and practically
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    Several Years ago I prayed and prayed for God to show me
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    had. Even though you love God you may very well (if not definitely)
    still sin but you can do the best that you can to avoid temptations that lead
    to sin.
    I come from the family that preaches the Gospel and Christian Sermons
    are a great way to spread the word of God. It is crystal clear for the Bible.
    The King James version is what is used as Biblical
    “calibration” but as long as you understand this you have
    come a really long way from your regular non believer.

    Genuine Christian Sermons will always support or validate this.

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