Great Matt Chandler Quote

“The misconception is ultimately that God is all about us and He’s about me and the whole thing exists because of me, so God was lonely in the beginning. So what He did is He created me for fellowship, because who wouldn’t want to create a bunch of incompetent, non-loving, adulterous, idolatrous, disobedient children to call their own? And nobody’s going to say it that way but that’s what we’re saying.”

5 thoughts on “Great Matt Chandler Quote

  1. Hey Dustin,
    Great stuff by Matt! Did you get to check out his sermon from the Code Orange revival? He did a awesome job of preaching the true gospel. It ruffled some feathers for sure. Check it out when you get the time.


  2. Wait a minute: Where in the Bible does it say God created “a bunch of incompetent, non-loving, adulterous, idolatrous, disobedient children”? When God created Adam and Eve were they not very good?

    Not questioning the valid criticism of the idea that God created humanity because there was some lack in God. Just questioning the implication of this preacher’s reasoning—that God created evil.

  3. I would imagine it has to do with knowing what they would quickly become- and would remain until the end- an idolatrous people bursting with cruelty and idolatry. At the same time that doesn’t mean that God created evil- only that his decrees came to pass.

  4. I know it’s off the topic of the original quote. I just found it’s curious how what God decrees, becomes, with a slip of the tongue, what God creates. I personally, don’t see that difference, which is why I’m Arminian. So pardon my intrusion to score a cheep point. ;)

    Back to the original topic, I think what the preacher says is appropriate to humanity in our fallen state: We are not fit for fellowship with God apart from the merits of Christ. But when he pulls that back to creation, I have a problem, because God’s purpose in creating us was not for evil but good, and one day the saved will be restored to good again. To me the real question is, why would God beings that can fellowship with Him if God doesn’t _need_ our fellowship?

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