Podcasts I listen to, with a brief snippet on each one.


In case anyone was wondering who I am listening to, and what podcasts I am influenced by, Here is my setlist that I listen to every week.

1. The Dividing Line

Fantastic apologetic resource, as well as my source and inspiration for proper exegesis and handling of the biblical text. This is my favorite podcast and the one I look forward to the most. I admire James White’s keen mind and it seems near encyclopedic memory of…well…..everything. This is clearly a man who has thought through things many times, and who has such a wonderful understanding of the doctrines of grace and is able to articulate them and defend them the best.

2. Fighting for the Faith

Another favorite of mine. This is the flagship of Pirate Christian Radio, helmed by the captain himself, Chris Rosebrough. This is a good apologetic podcast as well, but I like it primary for the way he addresses current issues in Christian evangelicalism today. It’s all about discernment with this one, and how to discern. While I’m not a Lutheran, I definitely value the framework that he approaches things through, whether its dealing with seeker sensitive churches, wacky charismatic, dominionists, free spirited William Tapley sorts, emergent church players, and everything else in between. The whole idea of “compare what people are saying in the name of the name of God to the word of God” is fantastic, and it doesn’t matter who you are- if you abuse scripture in your sermon, you’re going to get a flag on the play.

3. Berean Bible Church

This one is the odd man out. David Curtis who is the pastor of this Church is a full-blown Calvinist preacher, which I like, but he is also a full-preterist, which I actively don’t like and consider it heresy. It’s an odd combination, and can often be unnerving. That being said, its impossible to listen to any sermon without being deeply challenged and without learning something. As long as you can be discerning about it, this one will get under your skin, in all the best ways. I particularly like how he does verse-by-verse exegetical preaching, and his sermons always stay very close to the text.

4. The Village Church

Matt Chandlers Church. This is one of the first podcasts I listened to which got me into reformed theology. Matt is an amazingly charismatic guy who has the most impressive gift of communication I’ve seen from a pastor. Very funny and occasionally provocative, he is one of the most quotable pastors I know. He has a way of taking biblical concepts and speaking about them in a way that everyone can relate to. It is contextualization in the best possible way.

5. Dr James White Sermons

This is the Sunday school sermons playlist from the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church, which James White is a co-elder. They’ve been going through the book of Hebrews now for years, and are currently talking about the sacrifice of Issac. This is a deep, extremely thorough handling of the word, routinely going into the greek and into textual variants in the texts, and everything else. It’s impossible to listen to without thinking “that’s about the deepest and most direct handling of the text that I’ve ever encountered.

6. No Compromise Radio

The Brain child of Mike Abendroth and guest starring Tuesday guy, their motto is “always biblical, always provocative, always in that order.” You have a mix of interviews, discussions on current issues, various zany interactions, clips from his sermons, and also most commonly are the topical ones, where they discuss controversial topics. The one downside is that this podcast is recorded weeks if not months and advance, and so it’s arely current when they are discussing current events, but its a snappy 22 minutes a pop, and cover my drives down to work and back.

7. White Horse Inn.

Great Podcast. You have four men from  different denominational backgrounds having fun discussing culturally relevant theological matters, helping Christians “know what they believe and why they believe it.” You have Michael Horton,  Dr Rod Rosenbladt, Ken Jones and Dr Kim Riddlebarger. I like the interaction and hearing about the agreements and disagreements with four men who are passionate and educated on a subject.

8. Issues Etc.

I don’t visit this one as often as I should I mainly use it for the topics that stand out to me. But this is Christ-centred, cross focussed radio by Todd Wilken, from a distinctly Lutheran perspective. Tons of special guests and guest speakers, and a good potpourri of topics.

9. GTY.

An oldie but a goodie. I’ve been making my way through 40 some years of sermons from John MacArthur, and this is the vehicle by which I do it. You have verse by verse preaching through the entire New Testament, with an emphasis on verse by verse. You’ll get some messages where he discusses just 2 or three verses. You’re talking about a guy who spent 10 years going through the book of Luke, from 1998 to 2008.  Trust me when I say that this is thorough as they come. I’m not there in Luke yet- I’m still in 1986, but I look forward to it, as Luke is my favorite Gospel.

10. JD Hall Sermon Podcast

Just started listening to this one in the last few weeks. This is one passionate man. Right now we’re doing something called “66 Gospels” where he talks bout salvation from Genesis to Revelation. JD Hall is a guy that I really respect and have come to appreciate, and while I haven’t got a good idea of the flavor of his podcast, his sermons have proven to be fantastic, so I have high hopes for this one.

11. I also listen to all the weekly sermons from the MGA, Alliance, FBC and the FCC.

One thought on “Podcasts I listen to, with a brief snippet on each one.

  1. I am even choosy with which Issues Etc podcasts I listen to – 10 hours a week is a lot of content!

    I listen to mostly PCR shows and a couple from Ancient Faith Radio. One you probably haven’t heard of is “Just and Sinner.” It’s an hour a week, done by a young AALC pastor who was formerly Presbyterian and has a lot of knowledge in patristics.

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