Recent encounter with A Fort McMurray Church kid #3


I was at a certain place recently when I saw a young man who was wearing a “Christian shirt.” That is to say, this shirt read “God is in control” and in fact, is the very shirt featured above. Naturally I found this very intriguing and struck up a conversation with him. The kid was about 15-16 years old, kinda scruffy and gangly, but was open to a bit of conversation. I know that when I was younger and I would wear such shirts, I could only have dreamed that someone would stop me on the streets and say “Tell me about the hope that lies within.” That was the ultimate fantasy, and if that kid was anything like me, then he would have been stoked to find himself in a bona-fide witnessing encounter.

Let’s see how he did. The following is a very, very exact approximation of what was said.

Me. “Hey, that’s a cool shirt. I like the Nintendo logo”

Him. “Thanks”

Me. “What does it mean, exactly?”

Him “Oh, you know, that God’s always watching out for you and looking out for you.”

Me. “Are you a Christian”

Him. “I am”

Me. “Do you go to a Church around here, or a youth group around here?”

Him. “Yes, I go to ____________________________ [name withheld to protect the guilty/innocent. However, let it be known that so far  all these kids have gone to the same  Church. Dun Dun Dun!]

Me. “I hope you don’t mind me asking this, but what do Christians believe?”

Him. “We believe in God and stuff”

Me. “Oh. I kinda figured that. But like…what is a Christian?”

Him. “A Christian is someone who follows God”

Me. “I see. So if I wanted to be a Christian, what would I have to do, or believe?”

Him. “You have to follow the Bible, and be a good person.”

Me. “Are you a good person?”

Him. “Of course”

Me. “Isn’t everybody a good person?”

Him. “Most people are, yeah”

Me. “So to be a Christian, I really only have to follow the Bible”

Him. “Yeah”

Me. “What kinds of things do I have to follow?

Him. “You have to follow the 10 commandments, like don’t steal and swear,”

Me. “And then I’ll be a Christian?”

Him. “Yeah, pretty much. And you have to love God.”

Me. “I see.  Can I just love God in my own way, and try to be a good person? Do I have to be a Christian to go to heaven, or can I kind of do my own thing, as long as God knows that I love him?”

Him. “I guess you can, yeah, but you want to be a Christian, because then if you have faith you can get blessings.”

Me. “What kind of blessings?”

Him. “Like a better life. Better relationships. More peace. Less problems”

Me. “So I could be a Muslim or a Hindu, and as long as I love God, I will still go to heaven.”

Him.  “I think so, yeah, but I’m not sure. “

Me. “Cool. One more question; what is the gospel? I heard that word before. What does it mean?”

Him. “The gospel is what I was talking about”

Me. “So the gospel is about following the 10 commandments and being a good person?”

Him. “Yeah, exactly.”

Me. “Ok. thanks. It was nice to meet you. Have a nice day.”

So how did he do? If you were this kids’ pastor or elder, would you be pleased with the teaching that he is receiving? How is that youth-group working out for him?” Drop a line in the combox.

2 thoughts on “Recent encounter with A Fort McMurray Church kid #3

  1. I teach the youth group at my church (not in your area) and I would love my youth to have answers different from these. Despite my best efforts, I doubt they would. My hope and prayer for them is that they hang on long enough to truly understand what Jesus means for us and want to respond to a relationship with him, not just follow rules.

  2. Its obvious you are trying to discourage the general public from attending this congregation. I am assuming you call yourself a Christian. In which case shouldn’t you be trying to witness to people not going about finding fault or do you think by doing this you are causing anyone to be saved. Pretending to be genuinely interested in someone’s opinion only to criticize them or their church openly is definely not Christian behavior! By the way this is a great church with people that love God.

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