Westboro, don’t let anyone tell you your feelings are invalid

unnamed (2)

A few weeks ago a friend off mine posted this picture on facebook. I asked her what  “valid” means and she told me “ valid = real, noteworthy, substantial, precious.” Therefore to frame this another way, the feelings of every single person, no matter what they are, and regardless of their nature, are real, substantial and precious. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to see the deep flaws and perverse logic of such a statement. I jumped on MS paint and within a few minutes I had created these two beauties.


and then this one, which I posted to her facebook wall

unnamed (1)

She promptly deleted my post, which I suppose demonstrates the hypocrisy and irrationality of such a proposition.  The people who promote this mindset don’t believe it themselves, nor do they practice it. It is enabling childishness and selfishness under the guise of love and tolerance. It enables emotional immaturity in such a way that those who cling to it are being hurt by their belief in it, even as they believe they are being helped. Put the lie to it. Don’t believe it. And don’t fall for it.

9 thoughts on “Westboro, don’t let anyone tell you your feelings are invalid

  1. This is essentially invoking Godwin’s law at which point it’s hard to have rational discussion about anything. I seriously doubt that your posting came across with the irony that you intended. Its probably more likely that she thought that you were associating yourself with the KKK or Westburo. At least that’s how this reads in the post.

    I tend to enjoy what you write on this blog, but am sad to see this here. Yes it’s ironic, but it hardly elevates the debate.

  2. from my perspective, it’s sad that the issue is debatable- that all feelings are valid. i think you’re probably right that it doesn’t elevate the debate, but hopefully it serves as a “i see what you did there” for a few people. you are also probably right that the irony was lost on her

    • all feelings are valid, if by valid we mean that someone is actually experiencing some emotional reality that is weighty. But often times their feelings are misguided, wrong, hurtful and evil.

  3. i suppose all feelings are valid except for hatred then?
    although i like most of the posts on this blog, this one made me a little uncomfortable as well. i don’t know how much you can call the actions off the KKK and westboro ‘feelings’.

  4. Love this post.

    Godwin’s law? A comparison wasn’t made here, nobody was called a Nazi, a Klan member or a member of Westboro. Nor were they said to be behaving like one.

    This is an exaggerated analogy that demonstrates how stupid some feelings are. Seems pretty rational to me. Rather then saying feelings are valid or invalid it would be more correct to say that feelings just “are”.

    There is no debate, feelings are worthless without rational thought.

    Step 1 – Emotions
    Step 2 – Analysis and Rational Thought

    Those images illustrate perfectly the stupidity of stopping at step 1.

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