One thought on “Phil Johnson Quote

  1. If I were to sanctify the execution of a number of human beings who were rioting or If I advocated the segregation and eventual persecution of Jews; would you perceive my theology correct? Would you not rather further investigate my life and my writings and state that my ‘fruit’ is not matching the root. I may sound like I’m talking to talk yet I am not walking it.

    Yet some exonerate Martin Luther and raise him above other men (though Paul states do not do this, I can hear him say, “what Is Martin Luther, what is Calvin?” Do not go beyond what is written.”

    And so As martin Luther advocated the execution of civilians and wrote some of the most negative anti-Semitic literature ever produced in protestant theology, we still seek to honour that his cause of dissention (something God disapproves) as a good?

    I see little other than a thesis causing great division amongst millions who together point at the same Christ. We are not talking of Muslims and Christians here, nor Buddhists and Christians. We are talking of people groups who BOTH agree Christ came in the flesh and was resurrected and that is the cornerstone of the faith.

    Perhaps Christ would try and make the Catholic and the protestant love one another, rather than write a thesis causing their division and then still advance its cause some five hundred years later? When will we learn of love. If you view the Catholic as your enemy, fine, do as Christ says, Love them. You will get closer not further from God.

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