Day: April 20, 2018

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Write in gaytube on a search engine, and an incredible 11,200,000 results come up. I thought that there was no way I was going searching through them all. I just clicked on the one at the top of the first page as it said it was gay movies in HD.
Then I went to category list to have a look at what I fancied that day. I change my mind from one day to the next what is going to turn me on. Today I had been talking to my friend about life in college, so that’s what I went into. College/Fraternity.
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After The Hibernation was released by Drill My Hole on the 3rd May 2017 and was filmed by the award winning men hd gay network. This hot new high definition gay video stars all exclusive star to, Will Braun and Hunky Pornstar Brad Banks.

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Brad Banks wakes up to hear his phone ringing. He answers the phone only to find out that he has been fast asleep for the last four months. He is like a bear just coming out of hibernation, he is awake and hungry, but not for food. He is hungry for someone to service his big thick cock as his balls have been filling up with hot cum all this time.

Brad gets out of bed naked, his juicy cock sticks out like a long hard pole as he walks to his door. As he comes out of his room, Will Braun is coming out of his room. Brad asks why didn’t he wake him up, and Will tells him that he knew he wasn’t dead, and he got used to having the house to himself. Brad isn’t too happy about it, but Will is more than happy to make it up to him as he licks his lips in anticipation when he notices Brad’s big hard boner sticking out.

Will gets straight down on his knees as he takes that cock into his mouth. As the camera zooms in for a close-up, you can see the thick blue line in Brad’s cock disappearing inch by inch into Will’s eager mouth. He plays and licks Brad’s full and heavy balls, and then he goes back to sucking his cock.
They go into the bedroom, and after sucking on Brad’s cock for a bit, Will gets in the doggy position as he waits to be mounted. Sticking his meaty cock into Will’s tight ass makes both Will and Brad moan out loud and deep with uncontrollable lust.
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Will Braun gets his famous butt screwed in all kinds of erotic positions by Brad Banks. When he is getting fucked in the missionary position, Will cries out one final time as his cock pulsates, and his thick cream cum pours out of him, and onto his smooth young body. Brad stands up, and with Will watching him, he shoots four spurts of fresh cum over Will’s chest and covers it all over.

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Brad Banks is a hunky guy with a great tan and a beautiful gym built body, but not too much like some other stars. Brad has dark brown hair, amazing black eyes that you just want to stare into, and he is five foot ten inches tall, and he is a versatile top with a seven-inch cut cock. Or that’s what his profile says anyway because I am sure it is a lot more than that. Check it out and see if you think the same.

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