Great John Piper Quote

“The ultimate good of the gospel is seeing and savoring the beauty and value of God. God’s wrath and our sin obstruct that vision and that pleasure. You can’t see and savor God as supremely satisfying while you are full of rebellion against Him and He is full of wrath against you. The removal of this wrath and this rebellion is what the gospel is for. The ultimate aim of the gospel is the display of God’s glory and the removal of every obstacle to our seeing it and savoring it as our highest treasure. “Behold Your God!” is the most gracious command and the best gift of the gospel. If we do not see Him and savor Him as our greatest fortune, we have not obeyed or believed the gospel.”
John Piper, God Is the Gospel: Meditations on God’s Love as the Gift of Himself

Letting The Young Men Preach

I know of a group of churches that do something especially awesome. Every two weeks the young men in the Churches, along with the elders to oversee and anyone else who wants to attend, get together and practice preaching for a couple of hours. That is, they meet at each others churches and everyone gets 10 minutes to preach whatever they want. Some are boys in their teens, others are young men in their twenties, and some are other assorted congregation members who want to get an opportunity to preach and teach.

The benefits of this sort of affair though are numerous. It serves as a training ground and functions as an outlet for their zeal , it gives the elders an opportunity to correct and rebuke any false beliefs and teachings that these young men and boys might have and/or introduce to others, it is an opportunity of testing to hone their talents, to practice dictation, precision, sermon structure, thesis composition, and their homiliteical skills, is a great way to embolden the men and help develop their confidence, and  serves as a way for the Church leadership to pinpoint burgeoning leaders who might teach classes, home groups, Sunday school, bible studies, weekday services, etc.

I think this is a phenomenal  idea and something I wish I could attend, both as a listener and as a preacher. In fact that would easily be something that I would look forward to with great delight- even if I could just hear these people, all with varying passion, skill and giftings, preach their hearts out.  Because when I consider the activities and programs of Churches  in this city, I don’t know of many who are doing this- who are actively training the men to teach and preach. Are they? I have a decent idea of what most churches in this city are up to- is this something that is on their radar? And not that example exactly, but there is so much emphasis on making people “disciples” but how much emphasis is given to actively developing preachers and teachers?  It seems to me that its important to do.  It requires no money, no resources, and yet would yield great results and fruits.

So what do you all think? Would you attend such an event? What are your churches doing to actively develop preachers and teachers?