Preaching Myths

The Myth of Carrying the Dead Man On Your Back- The “Body of Death”

The Myth of the Martyrdom of the 12 Apostles

The Myth of the Shepherd breaking the Sheep’s Legs

The Myth of the Pure Awesomeness of the Acts 2/Early Church

The Myth Of The Rope Around The High Priest’s Ankle

The Myth of the Evil Pharisees

The Myth of “Preach the Gospel always, If necessary use words”

The Myth of Jeremiah 29:11-13

The Myth of the disruptive women in the Corinthian Church

The Myth of hearing a “still small voice” from God.

The Myth of the “eye of the needle” gate

The Myth of the Widows Mite. Part 1

The Myth of the Widows Mite. Part 2

One Response to “Preaching Myths”

  • jamiemcbrideJamie McBride

    “The Myth of the Evil Pharisees” is not a proper link or a dead link. It looks like this:


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