Provocative John MacArthur Quote

“The charismatic movement is largely the reason the church is in the mess it’s in today. In virtually every area where church life is unbiblical, you can attribute it to the charismatic movement. In virtually every area — bad theology, superficial worship, ego, prosperity gospel, personality elevation — all of that comes out of the charismatic movement.”

3 thoughts on “Provocative John MacArthur Quote

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  2. I do agree that there has been much bad theology, strange practices, superficiality, and the false prosperity gospel that has flowed out of the charismatic movement. Understanding that there are many in the reformed tradition that dismiss the spiritual gifts such as tongues etc, I would challenege anyone with an objective mind and appreciation for sound biblical theology to read Roger Stronstad’s “The Charismatic Theology of St. Luke” before throwing out the baby with the bath water.

    • Instead of reading Roger, cannot we read the Bible, since the Bible is the only revealed prophesy from God. Or, perhaps, there are some that believe that prophesy is not yet closed (charismatics).

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