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John Piper Quote

Matt Chandler Quote

“I continually want to lay before you that really in that moment where you blow it, you have this really beautiful opportunity to marvel at the gospel. When your heart goes to a place it shouldn’t, when your mind goes to a place it shouldn’t, when your external actions go to a place you know is forbidden, you have this opportunity to just marvel at the gospel. Just marvel at it. Marvel that you didn’t surprise God, like God didn’t see that one coming. You have this chance to just slow down and rest in, “He calls me holy. He calls me blameless. He calls me spotless. Even in this he delights in me.” Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler Quote

“Look, you’re infinitely guilty, but Christ has made a way. Our hope as Christians isn’t in our embetterment but rather in Christ’s perfection. So you need to hear me say this to you right now. God is not in love with some future version of you. It’s not you ‘tomorrow’ that He loves and delights in. It’s not you when you ‘get your act together’. Listen, & if you believe that, you are a idolater. If you believe that Christ’s love for you is a ‘future love’ for you, then you dismiss the cross of Christ.

Have you ever thought of the cross this way: The cross of Christ is this glaring acknowledgment that we’re all screw ups. This glaring acknowledgment that you’re going to fall short and that I’m going to fall short, and I’m not going to measure up, and I’m never going to get to perfection like I need to get to perfection, & even if I could get to perfection, I’d have all that imperfection behind me.

Doesn’t the cross go, ‘Yeah, I know’?
Doesn’t the cross say, ‘Yeah, I’ve made provision. I’ve handled that’?

-Matt Chandler

Great RC Sproul Quote


When we understand the character of God, when we grasp something of His holiness, then we begin to understand the radical character of our sin and hopelessness. Helpless sinners can survive only by grace. Our strength is futile in itself; we are spiritually impotent without the assistance of a merciful God. We may dislike giving our attention to God’s wrath and justice, but until we incline ourselves to these aspects of God’s nature, we will never appreciate what has been wrought for us by grace. Even Edwards’s sermon on sinners in God’s hands was not designed to stress the flames of hell. The resounding accent falls not on the fiery pit but on the hands of the God who holds us and rescues us from it. The hands of God are gracious hands. They alone have the power to rescue us from certain destruction.”
― R.C. Sproul, The Holiness of God

Great Matt Chandler Quote

“The misconception is ultimately that God is all about us and He’s about me and the whole thing exists because of me, so God was lonely in the beginning. So what He did is He created me for fellowship, because who wouldn’t want to create a bunch of incompetent, non-loving, adulterous, idolatrous, disobedient children to call their own? And nobody’s going to say it that way but that’s what we’re saying.”

Geerhardus Vos Quote

“Beauty, irreligiously esteemed, infringes upon the glory of Jehovah.” -Geerhardus Johannes Vos  [1862 -1949]

A.W. Tozer Quote

“Christians don’t tell lies. They just go to church and sing them.” A.W. Tozer

[I hope the aforementioned quote punches you in the gut as much as it does me. For real. ]

Great Matt Chandler Quote

“Ladies,  how many bible studies are we going to do?  I am just saying, can we maybe run some of the plays instead of just studying them? Men, how many bible studies we gonna do?  How much you going to study before you start to play? I mean that’s what makes the thing so stupid down here. Everybody can talk it, nobody wants to engage anybody with it. Or at least very few of us do. Why? Well cause I have a lust issue. Well OK, submit to Christ, get in recovery, and live on mission. It will reveal all that stuff, it will be horrible, God will just rip it out of you and replace it with His grace and mercy, and it will be awesome in the end.

I mean if you’re waiting till you’re perfect to live life on mission you’re going to die without much mission. It’s coming! Do you get this? Do you get that 2000 years ago, in fact farther back than than He told Abram, “This is how it’s going down.” and it has stayed true to the line right up till now where a massive portion of Africa has become believers, a massive portion of China has become believers, South America blowing up with the gospel. The gospel is penetrating the world, do you know how this ends? With you and me in front of Him with the Kingdom of God, new heaven, new earth coming down, no more injustice, no more pain, no more sorrow, God’s redeemed, God’s elect, God’s Kingdom, Kingdom of God, established!

Now do you think anybody is going to give a trash how much money you have right now? How much comfort you have right now? Who’s cool and who’s not? Who drove what and who didn’t? Who was well liked in the neighborhood and who wasn’t? You think ANY of that is going to matter? No one will care! But a lot of people will be embarrassed.”

Kevin DeYoung quote.

“We can stop pleading with God to show us the future, and start living and obeying like we are confident that He holds the future.” Kevin DeYoung


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